Knowing the Bible

If you’re lookiCoverng for a Bible study to help you engage the biblical text and challenge you for  application, I encourage you to check out Crossway’s new Knowing the Bible series.

Each volume in this series explores a whole book of the Bible in 12 lessons. Each lesson takes you through the passage at hand and focuses on three aspects of the text:

(1) Gospel Glimpses (where do we see the grace of God revealed in this passage?)

(2) Whole-Bible Connections (how does this passage connect with the broader sweep of redemptive history?)

(3) Theological Soundings (what core doctrines are reflected in this passage?)

Several volumes have already been released, and several more are scheduled to be published next June (including the Exodus volume by your truly!). These studies provide both inductive questions and instructive teaching to help you understand the text better, and can be used in both individual and small group settings. And at only $8.99 a volume, they won’t drain your wallet either!


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