Why does the church engage in missions? Where in the Bible do we find support for this work? These questions have been asked and answered by many throughout the centuries, though rarely does the investigation span across the entire canon of Scripture.

In this study Matthew Newkirk explores the breadth and depth of biblical teaching concerning God’s mission for his people and the church’s call to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

By beginning with creation and ending with new creation, this study reveals that rather than simply deriving from a few “missions verses,” the church’s call to missions is grounded in the full spectrum of biblical revelation.

Designed both to engage the academic and be understandable to the layperson, this book is intended to encourage the church toward a fuller understanding of our mission to make disciples of all nations.


You can purchase Fill the Earth directly from the publisher or from Amazon. The Kindle version is available for only $9.99!


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Podcast Interviews

Check out this episode of the Missionary Mobilization Podcast where I talk about Fill the Earth and how understanding the grand, metanarrative of Scripture is key for mobilizing people to participate in the work of missions.


Here’s an episode of The Missions Podcast where we discuss Fill the Earth and how Adam’s mission in the garden is the foundational precursor to the church’s call to missions today.


“Matt Newkirk is both a very fine biblical scholar and a faithful and energetic missionary. His exploration of the mission of the OT and the whole Bible is both thorough and convincing, and presented throughout as someone currently engaged in missions himself. Matt’s book will help the church fulfill it’s calling in God’s mission to the whole world. Highly recommended!”

Eric Ortlund, Lecturer in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew
Oak Hill Theological College, London, UK

“Is anything more vital and riveting than discovering the holy passion that guides all of God’s works? For nearly two decades, Matt Newkirk has studied and celebrated this great mission of God revealed in the Scriptures. The results are a biblical, transformative, and God-centered theology of mission, which helps God’s passion for the world become your own.”

Andrew Fulton, Lead Pastor
Oneida Gospel Church, Grand Ledge, MI

“I’ve been tremendously encouraged by Matt’s teaching on the theology of mission. Although I’ve heard for years about kingdom growth throughout the world and throughout history, Matt’s explanation of the expansion of the throne room of God really helped me to see things more clearly. His approaches to familiar ideas are fresh, thoughtful, and helpful for people of any background.”

Matt Harmon, church member
Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC

“Most introductions to the mission of God are problematic insofar as they don’t reach back far enough. They begin with the ‘Great Commission’ at the end of Matthew 28 or, perhaps, the call of Abraham in Genesis 12. One of the great strengths of Matthew Newkirk’s vision of mission is that he begins the quest for answers at the beginning. By directing our attention back to the genesis of mission in the original command to fill all things with God’s kingdom and glory (Genesis 1:28), this book moves that mission forward.”

Justin Borger, Senior Pastor
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL

“Through Dr. Newkirk’s theology of mission, I am convinced that I have received a truly ‘biblical’ understanding of mission by rightly capturing the meaning of both Old and New Testaments as a single volume. I’ve learned the necessity and importance of beginning with the creation account and not simply the Great Commission when thinking about missions. This learning has laid a very important foundation upon which to build before going into ministry.”

Maiko Kouzaki, seminary graduate
Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan




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