How Time Flies – Make it Count

Last week Lydia began preschool. For several years before we had children, Caroline was a teacher, so she has attended plenty of “Meet the Teacher Nights.” But this most recent one was her first time attending as a parent. Afterward she said to me, “This really makes me feel grown up.” And I know what […]

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Numero dos… Mr. Silas!

In a previous post I introduced our oldest child, Lydia. Now I’d like to introduce you to the young lad who, if we lived in biblical times, would inherit a double portion of my estate: Silas Matthew! Silas was born in Brisbane, Australia, while I was teaching at Queensland Theological College, so we like to […]

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Introducing… Lydia!

I thought I would take a few posts and introduce our kiddos, since they will be living the missionary life just as much as Caroline and me. I think and wonder often about what their lives will look like growing up in a foreign country. Their experiences will be vastly different from ours as children, […]

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Seven years in the making…

Those who have known us for any length of time have probably heard that we have had plans to go to Japan. What is hard to believe is that these plans have been going on for seven years! A Little Background In the summer of 2007, Caroline and I were in seminary, praying and trying […]

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