Bringing up the caboose… Sir Ethan!

Ethan bounce 1This post is our last installment introducing you to our precious kids. Last, but certainly not least, comes our 2 month old son, Ethan. I like to call Ethan our “welcome surprise,” as he was born just 363 days after Silas. And indeed he arrived in a doubly surprising way, making his entrance into this world after only about 30 minutes of labor (!).

When we went to the hospital, Caroline wasn’t sure whether or not she was having labor contractions. Thankfully, we played it on the safe side and went — if we had not, this guy may have been delivered by his father on the side of the road!

Of all our children, Ethan has acquired the most nicknames in his short little life. I used to call him, “Terry,” since as a newborn he would scream like what I imagine a little baby pterodactyl would sound like when they’re hungry. But he’s outgrown that nickname since his pterodactyl scream has gone away.

Ethan and MattAround our house he is also affectionately known as “Rumps” (short for Rumpelstiltskin), since he is a great sleeper and will often take surprisingly long naps when we don’t expect him to. We call him “Long Toes” because he’s got some seriously lengthy lower digits. And lately I’ve been calling him “Big Ben,” as his eating and sleeping schedule seems to go like clockwork.

Speaking of sleeping, we have been very grateful and pleasantly surprised at how well Ethan sleeps. Lydia was an awesome sleeper, so in our first go-round we didn’t truly experience the major sleep deprivation that comes with having an infant — she was sleeping through the night most nights by the time she was 7 weeks. We were spoiled and we knew it.

Ethan & LydiSilas, on the other hand, would not maintain much of a schedule at all and was waking up multiple times per night for months on end. We read the books and tried all the tricks, to no avail. It was at about 9 months or so that he finally started sleeping through the night — not as hard as some folks have it, I know, but taxing nevertheless.

Ethan, however, much to our excitement, sleeps like his sister. He’s got a big appetite like Silas, but enjoys his zzz’s like Lydi. At two months of age, he sleeps through the night most nights (yes!). To the left is a pic of Lydia with Ethan all decked out for his first trip to church.

Ethan is a very easy-going and smiley baby. Ethan bounce 2He loves watching his siblings do just about anything; he loves it when we talk to him (he’ll often make this kind of gurgly coo as a response to things we’ll say); and he especially loves it when we sing to him. He is very expressive and very fun to have around.

When we found out last fall that we were expecting again, to say that we were shocked doesn’t quite capture it. Silas was only 4 months old at the time, and the prospect of adding another baby to the mix felt a bit overwhelming. We were happy and grateful for him, of course, but let’s be honest — we were also slightly intimidated and wondering how we were going to care for all these little people.

But God knew exactly what we needed. We are so blessed to have this little guy in our family and can’t wait to see his little personality emerge more and more as he grows up.


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