Knowing the Bible

If you’re looking for a Bible study to help you engage the biblical text and challenge you forĀ  application, I encourage you to check out Crossway’s new Knowing the BibleĀ series. Each volume in this series explores a whole book of the Bible in 12 lessons. Each lesson takes you through the passage at hand and […]

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Fill the Earth 3: Mission Resumed

After humanity’s mission is frustrated because of sin throughout Gen 3-11, culminating in their rejection of the creation mandate at the Tower of Babel, God confuses their language and disperses them across the face of the earth, thereby creating the nations. God then resumes His mission by calling one man–Abram–and promising to bless the scattered […]

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How Time Flies – Make it Count

Last week Lydia began preschool. For several years before we had children, Caroline was a teacher, so she has attended plenty of “Meet the Teacher Nights.” But this most recent one was her first time attending as a parent. Afterward she said to me, “This really makes me feel grown up.” And I know what […]

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Fill the Earth 1: Mission Mandated

I’m teaching an adult Sunday School class at our church here in Raleigh entitled, “Fill the Earth: A Whole-Bible Look at the Church’s Mission.” We had the first class yesterday, which laid the groundwork and introduced God’s mission in the world. Here on the blog I’ll attempt to summarize the main points of the class […]

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