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Fill the Earth 4: Mission Organized

After humanity fell into sin and had their mission frustrated, God resumed his mission by calling Abram and promising to bless all the nations of the earth through him. As the book of Genesis closes and the book of Exodus … Continue reading

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Knowing the Bible

If you’re looking for a Bible study to help you engage the biblical text and challenge you forĀ  application, I encourage you to check out Crossway’s new Knowing the BibleĀ series. Each volume in this series explores a whole book of … Continue reading

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Love, Humility, and Unity in Theological Debate

How should we engage in theological debate? When I was fresh out of college, I developed a rapid desire to know the Bible and theology better. I began to read books, listen to lectures, study Greek on my own, and … Continue reading

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Fill the Earth 3: Mission Resumed

After humanity’s mission is frustrated because of sin throughout Gen 3-11, culminating in their rejection of the creation mandate at the Tower of Babel, God confuses their language and disperses them across the face of the earth, thereby creating the … Continue reading

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The Third Commandment: “Taking” God’s Name in Vain?

As rendered in the ESV, the third command of the Decalogue reads as follows: “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in … Continue reading

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Fill the Earth 2: Mission Frustrated

In the first segment of this class we argued that because Jesus viewed the OT as having a missional message, in order to understand the church’s mission we need to pursue a whole-Bible theology of mission. We then looked at … Continue reading

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CBI Japan Featured at The Gospel Coalition

Check out this post over at The Gospel Coalition, Signs of Spiritual Awakening in Japan, written by CBI founder Michael Oh and director Brett Rayl. May the Spirit so move!

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