Numero dos… Mr. Silas!

In a previous post I introduced our oldest child, Lydia. Now I’d like to introduce you to the young lad who, if we lived in biblical times, would inherit a double portion of my estate: Silas Matthew!

Silas glassesSilas was born in Brisbane, Australia, while I was teaching at Queensland Theological College, so we like to call him the “honorary Aussie” of our family. As of this post he is 14 months old, and nothing short of tons of fun.

Having been born down under, this boy has already enjoyed the scenic beaches of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, traversed the beautiful mountain roads of the south island of New Zealand (picture Lord of the Rings landscape, literally!), flown a trans-Pacific flight, and lived at four different addresses. And as you can see from the picture to the left, he’s done it all while remaining cool as a cucumber.

Being our first boy, Silas has successfully trained us to be on the lookout at all times, as he has a special knack for finding creative ways to get into anything andSilas Hebrew everything that a toddler probably should not get into. For example, with Lydia we were able to protect her from wall outlets by simply plugging in the child protector plugs. Not so with the man child… his skill at removing those has necessitated us replacing the outlets in our playroom with blank plates. This will work, I’m sure, until he figures out how to work a screwdriver.

As you can see from the pic to the right, he also enjoys raiding my bookcases whenever he gets into my office. Much to the joy of his Old Testament professor father, he tends to go right for the big blue Hebrew grammar book — a budding exegete!

We also call Silas the family clown, as he loves to make people laugh. He has the distinct ability to grin in such a way that he wrinkles his little button nose and absolutely melts his Mama’s heart — Caroline readily admits that she has no defense against his charms.

Silas bookAnd yet, inasmuch as he is very active, curious, and silly, Silas also enjoys sitting quietly and looking at books. We’ll often look into our playroom and see him sitting in the corner, with books strewn out all around him, his little blonde head facing down, peering into one of his board books.

Some of Silas’ other favorite things include eating bananas, wearing his big boy shoes, doing anything outside, and having lots of people around. He is a very social little guy, so he especially loves spending time at my parents’ house when all of his cousins are there running around and playing.

Silas LydiHowever, the person who tops the charts in Silas’ world is his sister. He absolutely loves playing with Lydia, and she is an incredibly sweet big sister to him. Although they have their little spats like all siblings do, it has been such a joy for us to watch them learn to play with each other.

She will often start skipping and dancing around the edge of the playroom, and Silas will join the fun by turning in a circle. The only problem is that he makes himself dizzy pretty quickly, so he soon topples over and lets out a huge belly laugh. Makes me want to be a kid again!

I was outnumbered by the girls in our family for a few years before Silas’ arrival. He has evened the playing field and added a respectable dose of masculinity with his frequent grunts and fondness for throwing things. We are so grateful for his life and pray that he grows up to be a young man who finds his value and identity as a son of the King.


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