Introducing… Lydia!

I thought I would take a few posts and introduce our kiddos, since they will be living the missionary life just as much as Caroline and me. I think and wonder often about what their lives will look like growing up in a foreign country. Their experiences will be vastly different from ours as children, and while there will certainly be challenges along the way, we also know that they will grow up with a much more global perspective than most of us had.

We are very grateful to God for blessing us with these children, and as I like to tell them, we think they are the “cat’s pajamas”!

Lydia parkFirst up is Lydia!

This sweet girl just turned 4 years old this summer. Lydia is a girl of many talents and passions. She has a particular affinity for bunnies, fairies, sprinkles, dresses, jewelry, using pretend names (she often prefers to be addressed by multiple other names each day), and yet, as girly as she is, nothing pleases her more than jumping in our playroom and “roughhousing” with Daddy. Don’t let the purple glasses and pink shoes fool you, this girl is scrappy when it’s time to wrestle!

LydiaArtRoomOne of Lydia’s specialties, however, is her love and gifting for drawing. Long ago she grew tired of coloring in the pre-drawn pictures that come in kids’ coloring books. Instead, she loves to freehand draw all sorts of pictures, usually of people. We have been amazed at the perspective she brings to the things she portrays.

We have labeled one room in our house the “art room.” This is a place where Lydia is able to keep her coloring materials out on a little table, and she will often spend hours in there drawing and coloring, putting on paper the various ideas that seem to emerge constantly from her imaginative little mind.

Due to her prolific output of drawings, our house is in no shortage of art for the walls. Below are a few of her most recent creations.


Lydia was our first child, and so of course her arrival really rocked our world as we began this journey of parenting. We can’t imagine what our lives were like before God gave her to us (how boring they must have been!). We are so thankful for her and can’t wait to see the ways that God works in and through her life.



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